Yoga, sports, and mental health! The trio was hand in hand at the Los Angeles WNBA Sparks first ever-mental health awareness day, “Spark the Conversation”. Patrick Richardson and Daniel McDonagh of the L.A. Sparks organized yoga on the court followed by a professional panel discussion to address the stigma associated with mental health treatment and solutions to providing care in the community.

The day began with yoga on the court led by the talented Koya Webb of Get Loved Up, a program to encourage healthy living in a fun accessible way. Afterward, the panel convened and the conversation quickly encompassed mental health treatment for athletes, veterans, children and holistic practices.

Y.O.G.A. for Youth founder and CEO, Krishna Kaur, steered the conversation onto the many challenges our at risk youth encounter and shared what the most important tools are to ensure a child is seen, heard and understood. Y.O.G.A. for Youth teacher and trauma therapist, Paula Miley, (Dyal Kirtan), was in attendance to support and further represent the yoga for youth movement. Krishna finished with a strong call for the panelist to collectively bring the conversation to a point of action in the world. GO KRISHNA!

Afterward, Krishna the all-sport enthusiast and her team enjoyed the Sparks game against the New York Liberty. The night ended well with Los Angeles shining a bit brighter on and off the court. The sparks won 80 to 54!