Y.O.G.A. for Youth in the Huffington Post

Kundalini Yoga Used to Reach Youth In Underserved Communities and Juvenile Detention Centers


“Kundalini yoga teaches you how to understand your relationship with the world. We can say a thousand times, “We are one.” But saying is not believing and believing it, is not actualizing it in your life. What’s missing as the cultures have evolved to the state where we have, is a technique to being able to get back or to access that humanity.” Kundalini and self-awareness teacher Krishna Kaur who has been practicing what she calls her “absolute dogmatic training,” for 45 years, is founder of the nonprofit Y.O.G.A for Youth.

Y.O.G.A for Youth provides underserved youth with the social and emotional support necessary to be healthy individuals both mentally and physically. The comprehensive curriculum addresses areas such as behavioral stability, self-esteem, scholastic aptitude and physical health and shows up for students in a way No Child Left Behind did not.


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